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Misa Minnie the yorkie here is like a tiny magician, executing the most adorable (albeit predictable) tricks that will make you squeal with joy. I don’t want to spoil too much, but this video includes a tiny a shopping cart, the thought of which makes my heart want to explode. Holy christ, this is cute.

A brutal, tiny, adorable yorkie puppy attacks a cute baby wearing a jumper with sailboats on it with licks and murderous kisses. After the attack, it’s assumed this baby died of the giggles. RIP to him and to your heart after watching this adorable terror.

(Source: wellthatsadorable.com)

This yorkie is jumping from bed to bed to get a good look at the family’s new hamster. This is the opening scene premise of my kind of romantic comedy.

(thanks to my good friend Justin P for the video!)

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